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Here you can find our publications. The databases of some publications are downloadable on Yareta. If you want to see all the department publications you can follow this link.

Our Publications

Scientific Articles

Pasztor A, Scarfato A, Spera M, Flicker F, Barreteau C, Giannini E, Wezel J van, Renner C.
Multiband charge density wave exposed in a transition metal dichalcogenide

Nature communications. 2021;12(1):6037

In the presence of multiple bands, well-known electronic instabilities may acquire new complexity. While multiband superconductivity is the subject of extensive studies, the possibility of multiband charge density waves (CDWs) has been largely ignored so far. Here, combining energy dependent…

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Petrović A P, Raju M, Tee X Y, Louat A, Maggio-Aprile I, Menezes R M, Wyszyński M J, Duong N K, Reznikov M, Renner C, Milošević M V, Panagopoulos C.
Skyrmion-(Anti)Vortex Coupling in a Chiral Magnet-Superconductor Heterostructure

Physical Review Letters. 2021;126(117205)

We report experimental coupling of chiral magnetism and superconductivity in [IrFeCoPt]/Nb heterostructures. The stray field of skyrmions with radius ≈50 nm is sufficient to nucleate antivortices in a 25 nm Nb film, with unique signatures in the magnetization, critical current, and flux…

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Poumirol J-M, Bercher A, Slipchenko T, Maggio-Aprile I, Renner C, Kuzmenko A.
Ultracompact Binary Permanent Rare-Earth Magnet with 1.25-T Center Field and Fast-Decaying Stray Field

Physical review applied . 2021;16(4):044012

We present a very-compact bicomponent-permanent-magnet design capable of generating 1.25 T in a small volume, significantly above the 0.6 T available from a single uniformly magnetized permanent magnet. In addition to the enhanced maximum field, our design drastically limits the stray field present …

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Gazdic T, Maggio-Aprile I, Gu G, Renner C.
Wang-MacDonald d-wave vortex cores observed in heavily overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ

Physical Review X. 2021;11:031040

Low magnetic field scanning tunneling spectroscopy of individual Abrikosov vortices in heavily overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ unveils a clear d-wave electronic structure of the vortex core, with a zero-bias conductance peak at the vortex center that splits with increasing distance from the core….

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Spera M, Scarfato A, Pasztor A, Giannini E, Bowler D R, Renner C.
Insight into the Charge Density Wave Gap from Contrast Inversion in Topographic STM Images

Physical Review Letters. 2020;125(267603)

Charge density waves (CDWs) are understood in great detail in one dimension, but they remain largely enigmatic in two-dimensional systems. In particular, numerous aspects of the associated energy gap and the formation mechanism are not fully understood. Two long-standing riddles are the amplitude…

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Doctoral Thesis

Gazdic T.
Real Space Periodic Electron Density Modulations and Vortex Core Spectroscopy in Heavily Overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ

We study high temperature superconductivity of heavily overdoped (p~0.22) Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d with the objective to find signatures of the more conventional superconductivity anticipated in comparison to its more widely studied underdoped counterpart. We find some similarities as well as distinctly…

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Master thesis

  • Rayan Chtourou (2021)
  • Adrien Waelchli (2016)
  • Léonard Rouiller (2014)
  • Nabil Nectoux (2010)