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Here you can find our publications. The databases of some publications are downloadable on Yareta. If you want to see all the department publications you can follow this link.


Determining spin-orbit coupling in graphene by quasiparticle interference imaging
L. Sun, L. Rademaker, D. Mauro, A. Scarfato, Á. Pásztor, I. Gutierrez-Lezama, Z. Wang, J. Martinez-Castro, A. F. Morpurgo and C. Renner
arXiv:2212.04926, (2022)

Our Publications

Master thesis

  • Rayan Chtourou (2021)
  • Adrien Waelchli (2016)
  • Léonard Rouiller (2014)
  • Nabil Nectoux (2010)