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Spin-orbit coupling in graphene

Published on July 7, 2023
Illustration: X. Ravinet, Scientify.

We deploy quasi-particle interference imaging using a scanning tunneling microscope to probe the presence, nature and strength of proximity induced spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in single layer graphene (SLG) on WSe2. In the presence of SOC, the pseudo-spin texture is modified, enabling intravalley backscattering forbidden in isolated SLG. This backscattering is detected through a characteristic small momentum ring around the gamma point in the Fourier transform of a large conductance map. Fitting the intensity of this ring to a weak coupling Hamiltonian, we identify the contributions of a Rashba and a valley-Zeeman SOC term, and exclude the contribution of a mass gap to the observed intravalley backscattering.

Collaboration with Alberto Morpurgo and Louk Rademaker, University of Geneva.

Nature Communications 14 1, 3771 (2023)