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Innovative cutting tools for high-tech alloys

Published on April 11, 2022
Our INNOSUISSE project will implement ‘leading- edge’ material science on cutting tools for micromachining. © UNIGE

The Department of Quantum Matter Physics (DQMP) has just been awarded a major INNOSUISSE grant for an initiative launched with the Geneva-based company Eskenazi SA, a leader in the manufacture of cutting tools for microtechnology. Founded in 1916 by Marcel Eskenazi, this company is distinguished by its global mastery of cutting tool manufacturing technology, from the metallurgy of carbide powders to the finished milling tool. Led by Dr Jorge Cors and Prof. Christoph Renner, responsible for the DQMP’s technology transfer activities, this project was initiated by the Science Innovation Hub of the UNIGE’s Faculty of Science.

The continuous evolution of physical and mechanical properties of new materials requires the availability of more and more innovative cutting tools capable of machining them with precision. The scientific objective of this project is the development of this new generation of cutting tools. And it is indeed a technology developed at the DQMP, the localized deposition of surface alloys, which will be adapted to treat the tools, by implementing ultra-hard coatings in refractory alloys.

This development will certainly have a substantial commercial impact on markets requiring new materials, such as watchmaking, screw-cutting, jewelry, medical, robotics, eyewear, aeronautics, automotive and general mechanics.